Understanding E-Signatures 101:
A Beginner's Guide for Businesses

Our most popular guide that provides you a complete yet concise look at everything you need to know for your business about electronic signatures and digital signatures.

This ebook helps businesses make informed decisions when selecting and implementing e-signatures inside departments, lines of business and even throughout organizations.

Understanding E-Signatures - A Beginner's GuidePreview:

  1. Overview - The role of e-signatures in today's market place.
  2. Technology and Terminology - Definitions and differences between electronic and digital signatures.
  3. Legality - The ESIGN law and why it's not enough to just meet the minimum standards.
  4. Security - This outlines what you need to do to ensure optimal security when implementing e-signatures.
  5. User Adoption - How to ensure the successful deployment and implementation of e-signatures in your organization.
  6. The E-Signing Process - From the simplest to the most complex processes to accelerate business.
  7. Solution Options - Online, in the cloud to on-premise, find the best options for your needs.
  8. Conclusion 


Electronic signatures have seen significant adoption in the past decade within insurance, lending, government and other industries. Replacing manual, paper-based processing with automated, electronic signing processes has enabled organizations large and small to significantly reduce the cycle times, errors and costs associated with getting customers, partners, supplier and employees to review and sign documents needed to close new business, authorize decisions, and move operations forward.

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